This page hasn't essentially changed since I first created it in early 95 or late 94. I decided that this elevates it to the status of a museum item, so I'll keep it this way.      Эта страница не менялась, по существу, с начала 95-го или конца 94-го. Наверное, таких немного осталось в Паутине, так что пусть живет музейным экспонатом.

Dmitrii (Mitya) Manin's home page



I'm a physicist by training, currently work as a software engineer at Network General Corp. I have worked at Mt Sinai School of Medicine, Rockefeller University, and Institute of Atmospheric Physics (Moscow), graduated from Moscow Inst. of Physics and Technology (Fiztekh). Fluid dynamics, especially geophysical, was my primary field of interest. Here are links to my (outdated) resumé, Curriculum Vitæ and list of papers.

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