Curriculum Vitæ

Manin, Dmitrii Yurievich.
November 22, 1960 in Moscow, USSR.
Marital Status:
Married, have a son.
Current mailing address:
Knight Laboratory, Rockefeller University, 1230 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021-6399.
1989 Ph.D. from Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Moscow, Thesis "Stability Theory of Quasi Two-Dimensional Zonal Flows with Account for External Friction and Rotation", Diploma FM No. 038086 of 26 October 1989;
1983 M.S. from Moscow Physico-Technical Institute, Thesis: "On the Dynamics of Nonlinear Periodic Waves", Diploma G-I No. 426024 of 30 June 1983 (with distinction);
1977--1983 Moscow Physico-Technical Institute, Dept. Molecular and Chemical Physics, Chair of Plasma Physics (Prof. B.B.Kadomtsev).
1989 USSR Academy of Sciences Gold Medal for Young Scientists (with A.M.Batchaev and V.A.Krymov).
Talks at international conferences:
Geophysical Wave-and-Vortex Systems, Rutgers University, NJ, 1--4 Sept. 1992. "Vortex Patterns of Quasi 2D Shear flows";
V Kiev---III Potsdam International Workshop on Nonlinear Processes in Physics, Potsdam, NY, 1--11 Aug. 1991. "Length Scale of Vortices and Mode Competition in Quasi 2D Shear Flows";
International Symposium on Generation of Large-Scale Structures in Continuous Media (Nonlinear Dynamic of Structures), Perm--Moscow, USSR, 11--20 June 1990. "Coherent Structures and Stability of Quasi Two-Dimensional Flows".
Positions held:
Oct. 1993--now, Postdoctoral associate with Rockefeller University, 1230 York Av., New York, NY, 10021-6399
May 1992--now, Senior Research Staff Member, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Moscow (currently on leave);
1989--1992, Research Staff Member, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Moscow;
1985--1989, Junior Research Staff Member, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Moscow;
1983--1985, Probationer Researcher.
June--August 1991: visited Rutgers University (NJ, USA), invited by Prof. N. J. Zabusky for research in computational fluid dynamics.
July--November 1992: as a visiting scholar at Rutgers University participated in the International Workshop on nonlinear processes in fluid dynamics.
Research experience:
10+ years of research in geophysical and general fluid dynamics and applied mathematics in scientific institutions. Specifically:
The theory of rotating fluids, including Ekman and Stewartson layers, the problem of spin-up/spin-down, geophysical vortices, flows generated by sinks and sources of mass;
Dynamics and stability of quasi 2D shear flows e.i. 2D flows with bottom friction), including linear and weakly nonlinear stability theory, secondary vortex interactions, and turbulence;
Numerical simulation and visualization of two-dimensional flows; quasi-spectral methods and arrays of point vortices;
k--epsilon turbulence models for turbulent Ekman layer;
Theory of turbulent mixing and spectra of passive scalar in two-dimensional turbulence;
Principal Component Analysis in application to atmospheric and experimental data, generalizations onto data with gaps;
Theoretical interpretation of data from laboratory and numerical experiments in fluid dynamics.
Teaching experience:
Advanced mathematics to gifted children in primary school.
Programming experience:
Five years programming in C language for IBM PC machines, including low-level printer, display and COM-port control, TSR utilities, high-level GUI under DOS and MS Windows 3.1, OLE 1, database applications (with Paradox Engine library). Also familiar with FORTRAN, BASIC, Emacs Lisp, UNIX shell, TeX (as a programming language), have some experience with Assembly language, and C++. Wrote CGI scripts for interactive HTML hypertext, dealt with NCSA HDF scientific data format, neural network simulations, and fluid dynamical computations;
Familiar with Microsoft C programming environment and a number of other software for PC, as well as with UNIX workstations and X-Windows system (including elementary graphics programming).
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